Conlon Talent Development

Coaching f0r change


Everything has changed this year within companies. If things don’t change you go out of date or out of business. Coaching is a one to one supportive relationship that is built over a number of weeks and months to develop the employee or manager.  It’s a unique relationship that’s foundations are built on trust and the willingness to change.  As your coach, we will develop together your strengths, identify and mitigate weaknesses, and also help you grow as individuals.  It’s a process where we start where you are and design an action plan to get you where you want go. It acts as a sounding board and also gives unbiased feedback.  It asks power questions that spark a discussion, provoke a thought and inspires self reflection in a safe place.

Coaching prepares and supports you for change!

coaching delivered online and face to face

Coaching is:

  • Become more self reliant
  • Achieve more job and life satisfaction
  • Boost you confidence 
  • Work nice easily and productively with your team
  • Communicate more effectively
  •  Manage change